Rules for centre enrollment


 The criteria for new centre enrolment have been settled and approved by the whole  InspECT group.


       Criteria for New Centre status:


      Appropriately trained

       Having participated in ECT treatment at an experienced InspECT centre.

       Having received training at their own institution, delivering ECT according to the SOP.

       Having performed a minimum of 5 treatments.

       Being suitably trained to upload high quality, consistent data in accordance with guidelines for the InspECT database.


      Willing to participate

       in advancing science

       in treating and uploading data at a minimum of 5 patients per year.

       in collecting prospective data, complying with good clinical practice and participating in monitoring

       in complying with national and regional regulations regarding data safety and ethics and  other relevant regulations.

       in attending InspECT meetings regularly

       in supporting the training and educational endeavours of InspECT.


      Centres may be excluded if they consistently fail to comply with these criteria


Responsible for accepting new centres to InspECT is the board member Christian Kunte.
If you are interested in joining InspECT, please contact Dr. Christian Kunte at: